Eligibility Criteria:

Aged between 18-65

Diagnosed and persistent mental illness

Willingness to engage in a recovery program

As a referring clinician, you will be included as part of your patients treating team while they are a resident of the Community Supported Residential Units. With your patients permission, staff will continue to keep you in the loop about the recovery of your patient and appreciate input and feedback.

Albany Halfway House Association employs clinical staff including a social worker, registered mental health nurse, registered nurse and an enrolled nurse. All Recovery Coaches have a minimum of Certificate IV in Mental Health, most have a Diploma in Community Services. Staff attend regular training sessions provided by accredited training providers along with continual professional development.

Clinical staff are on-call 24/7 to provide guidance and support to staff and residents. Clinical staff are also available to come in to visit residents and make assessments should they feel unwell or need extra support.

Albany Halfway House Association works closely with Albany Community Mental Health, Palmerston, Headspace, Richmond Wellbeing, Depression Support Network and other organisations to provide person-centred, holistic support and recovery.

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