Our COVID Plan

Our COVID Plan

Delivering Support during COVID-19

Albany Halfway House Association are working to maintain support, while reducing risks to the people who use our services, staff and local community. This includes adjusting how we deliver services in response to COVID-19 as the effects of the pandemic impact on our region.

In accordance with public health advice recommendations, where possible, staff have begun working remotely, which includes providing support over the phone and use of video conferencing platforms. While this has meant an adjustment to how we usually deliver support, we are maintaining regular contact with the people we support and continuing to be flexible in providing services

Where our programs remain delivering face-to-face support, staff continue to practice physical distancing, use of appropriate PPE and good hygiene to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people who use our services and our staff.

Keeping connected is important. For all of us. It is an essential factor to maintaining our overall wellbeing.  Better enabling us to look after ourselves and those around us. Promoting a sense of belonging in the community. This is especially vital during this challenging time.

Our staff understand this and continue to work with those using our service to maintain connections and establish new ones. As part of our support planning, we encourage everyone to reach out to friends, family, and any other supports by phone, email, video or social media to remain connected.

Albany Halfway House Association staff communicate regularly with consumers and carers to let them know about essential changes in our response to the pandemic. Our priority remains the wellbeing of the people we support, our staff and the communities where we work.

If you, or someone you care for have questions about services during this time, please contact Albany Halfway House Association staff as you usually would.

Visiting an Albany Halfway House Association service site or office

All Albany Halfway House Association offices and buildings are following government advice and public health measures.

If you plan on visiting any of our sites, we request that you contact staff by phone first to establish an appointment time.

All visitors will be required to present for screening, temperature testing, as well as check-in according to government guidelines so contact tracing can be quickly undertaken if required.

Anyone presenting with a temperature over 37.5 degrees will be asked to leave, isolate, monitor for symptoms and test in accordance with government regulations.

As the risk community transmission increases in our area, we may be required to limit all visits to essential services only.


CSRU- Entry Procedure Changes

Albany Halfway House Association have implemented the following changes to the CSRU Site Entry Procedures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

These changes are in currently in effect.

All visitors are required to:

  • present to the staff office upon entry to site.
  • show evidence (digital or paper based) of their COVID-19 full vaccination as a condition of entry.
  • Vaccinated visitors will be added to a register as approved for site entry
  • Use the contact register or scan the QR code using the Service WA or SAFEWA app, located at the front of the office entry point.
  • Comply with hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing of 1.5m from residents and staff at-all-times
  • Sign in and out
  • Be temperature tested with a scanning thermometer.
  • Keep visits as short as possible with a maximum of two hours
  • Are encouraged to have an up-to-date influenza vaccination.

Please note:

Visitors will be limited to 2 per day for each resident from Thursday, 3rd March 2022. Visitors are classified in this instance as Friends and Family and does not include essential support staff.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and support

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